Elementor #610

Washindi Africa offers a 6 months mentorship program to youths who have interest in medical field and its specialties.


  • Youth of 16-25 years of age
  • Have great passion for career in medical field (Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Environmental health, Medical Laboratory, Imaging Science, Physiotherapy, Occupational Health and Others)
  • Committed to stay in the Programme till completion. Able to attend to all program requirements i.e trainings and meetings as required
  • Ability to pay mentorship fees of Kshs 1000 / USD 10 which will cater for trainings and meetings for the 6 months in the program.

  • Youths in high school, pre-college and pre-university shall be an added advantage.


  • Candidate shall be accorded Certificate of completion after successful completion of the program
  • Shall benefit from one on one mentorship from experts from the medical field.
  • An in-depth understanding of your career interest and choice in the medical field.
  • Under hand in making informed decision on your career as one plans to join the path.

Interested in being a mentee, kindly fill the application form below.


  • A professional in the medical field, with passion for youth empowerment, mentorship and career development
  • Ability to commit to the Programme and be available for meeting when need be.
  • A fund of knowledge in your area of expertise


  • Brand recognition in all our mentorship programs
  • Free access to our forums and activities
  • Access to empowered pool of youths

Interested in being a mentee, kindly fill the application form below.

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