Kilifi Reading Bees

Kilifi was buzzing as the little bees got busy.

Pupils participating during the event and also pointing at the direction of their futures.

In July we had our own spelling bee like event in Kilifi North where over 6 schools participated in the reading competition for the elusive and shinny trophy. This was a one of a kind and out of the norm event as pupils put their best foot forward in order to challenge their peers. The smiles were evident as if to emphasize the presence of our hosts Smile Of Hope Kenya who also helped us conduct the one day reading competition.

Culture is defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. This means by simply interesting these pupils to read we start a social behaviour and an investment for life time returns.  The day was also graced by Kenya National Library Service – knls Kilifi Branch who introduced the e-learning platform to the curious pupils. This was a bold step in creating a reading culture among pupils in kilifi.

We rise above the challenge and you too can be a part of the cause by visiting our website as well as our facebook page Washindi Africa and engage us.

Join us and make an impact one child at a time.

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