Washindi School Health clubs are voluntary clubs formed and managed by school health club coordinators to promote good health practices and behavior change in the school and the surrounding communities.

It typically comprises 20-40 pupils and 1-2 coordinators. The club works in conjunction with the school health prefect or teacher. The clubs are platforms for sharing health messages therefore provide a suitable opportunity to introduce knowledge and skills at a young age.

Pupils of Mtongwe Primary school after taking part in their health clubs

Having adopted good practices from an early age, students are likely to continue so as adults, enabling practice of informed health related decisions. In addition, children are catalysts for positive change in their household and community.

The health clubs include students and learners (10- 19 years) in primary and secondary schools. Thematic areas of the adopted clubs vary depending on the need assessment of the school. Common areas include;

  • Drugs and Substance Abuse
  • Sexual and reproductive health rights
  • Water and sanitation
  • Nutrition
  • Infectious diseases

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